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Are you searching for “Best Hair Transplant in Lucknow”?

First let’s find out first what a hair transplant is?

Hair restoration is also known as hair transplant. This is a hair surgery. In which the hair that has gone from the scalp is restored.

In this the doctor transfers the hair on the beard or his neck. And they do hair surgery and plant it where the hair has gone.

The surgery of hair transplant is divided into two main types as follows


Let’s find out first what is hair transplant?

Are you searching for “Best Hair Transplant in Lucknow”?

Hair restoration is also known as hair transplant. This is a hair surgery. In which the hair that has gone from the scalp is restored. In this the doctor transfers the hair on the beard or his neck. And they do hair surgery and plant it where the hair has gone. The surgery of hair transplant is divided into two main types as follows

Best Hair Transplant Center in Lucknow

Lemed Wellness Clinic in Lucknow is renowned for its treatment of hair loss and Best Hair Transplant Center in LucknowWe have at your service innovative hair transplant techniques that offer guaranteed results in the shortest possible time.

At lemed Wellness is Best Hair Transplant Center in Lucknow, we have successfully performed more than 1000 hair transplants in a very short span of time. We have the best hair transplant surgeon for hair transplant surgery as well as keep proper safety and hygiene protocol. And the main thing is that we have up-to-date equipment in the state-of-the-art operation theater. We assure you that your hair loss problem will be taken care of by the time you enter our center.

The clinic is dedicated to the treatment of hair loss and baldness. The clinic has been set up by Purnima Rudraksh. She is a very experienced hair transplant surgeon in Lucknow. He has completed his studies as a beauty dentist and cosmetologist from Dubai.

His clinic is known for its results in hair transplants in Lucknow.

Cost of hair transplant in Lucknow

The most common type of hair transplant in this area is FUE. In this method, the hair on the back of the beard or scalp is taken and applied where the hair is getting thinner. It takes about 7 to 10 days to complete the surgery and the hair transplant is done so skillfully that no trace of it is noticed.

Hair Transplant Treatment is Available in Lucknow starting from Rs.50,000 to 5 Lakhs.

The Cost of a hair transplant in Lucknow depends on the patient’s various factors such as what percentage of the hair loss he has, what medicines he will need, the number of sections he will use; Transplant area, available donation area, location of clinic, doctor’s experience etc. Things are considered.

Best Methods of Hair Transplant Available in Lucknow

The main motive goal of hair transplants is to restore hair growth to the scalp area with limited or absent growth. It is an effective treatment for many hair loss problems. But they cannot predict how long the hair loss will last in the future.

Hair loss is a common part of aging, but in today’s century hair loss is mainly due to junk food, not eating on time and in some people heredity. Also, a medical condition can cause hair loss.

Types Of Hair Transplant

FUT or Follicular Unit Transplant-

In this type of surgery the area of ​​the hair follicles of the scalp is removed and dissecting them into individual sections can be a naturally occurring strand of 1 to 4 hairs arising in hair groups and this transplant is also called a follicular unit.

Best PRP Therapy in Lucknow

FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction -

In this type of surgery, individual units of hair are selected and transplanted. But other surgical procedures remain the same as FUT.

Benefits of hair transplant

1.Cost savings

The cost is much lower in the hair restoration process, it depends on how much your hair has gone on your hair loss and what treatment should be used for it.

2.Less care

Another major advantage of the hair transplant procedure is. Minimal maintenance is required in the area where the surgery is performed. How Hair Transplants Work Like Regular Hair. No chemicals or shampoos are needed to maintain the density of the hair.

3.Natural Look 

Hair transplanted hair looks like natural hair. In this treatment, a patient’s original hair follicles are taken and treated. So when taken from the original place they look exactly the same.

4.Fast recovery time.

The main advantage of FUE is the faster recovery of those hairs after FUE

Were. And operative postings are lower than other transplant methods.

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Hair Transplant Pros & Cons


1.Guaranteed results

Hair transplant surgery is a very sophisticated procedure. Guarantees healthy hair growth for people who have baldness or thinning hair.

2.Easy to Maintain

The procedure performed during this surgery is performed only under anesthesia. This procedure requires more than one treatment but the effect is permanent after surgery. The follicles are mainly removed from the back of the scalp, which stops hair loss permanently.

3.Improves Self-Confidence

Hair loss and thinning hair are some of the common problems faced by young people. Appearance is of utmost importance in today’s century. The person should not believe what they see after treatment.

Hair transplantation boosts youth self-confidence in both social and business areas.

4.Safe & Painless

Hair transplant surgery is done with anesthesia and the effect of that anesthesia does not last long. And the blades used for this are not very sharp and do not require sewing. It is extremely safe and painless.


1.Surgical procedure

One of the possible causes of this surgery is the misconception that it is a surgery, which makes people afraid of this surgery. With all of this in mind, we do surgery with comfort and proper care.

2.Recovery time

There are some misconceptions about this enemy so some people are scared of it. With all these things in mind, we perform the surgery comfortably and with proper care.

3. Cost

There is a misconception among people that the cost of hair transplant surgery is too high. The cost of this surgery depends on the patient’s hair loss. 

Best Hair Transplant In Lucknow

Hello, friends; if you are affected by hair loss problems or gaps created behind the hairline and find a way to stop the hair from loose, this article is for you. when we think about the hair transplant, then one question is apparent in our mind, i.e., which method we have to choose for hair transplant There are two methods for hair transplant.

1)FUT Method

2)FUE Method


The ultimate goal of these processes/methods is to give you maximum numbers of hair for the longest possible time.

 commonly a patient needs another transplant within two years, but in some cases, the second transplant can be done after 2-6 months because of two reasons

1) Thinning of Non transplanted hairs-This is because if your non transplanted hairs thin out.

2) Thinning of transplanted hairs-Some people says that transplanted hairs are not thin, but it’s a myth

● There are two hair removal techniques available to grow healthy hair on your scalp. The purpose of both techniques is the same. Both require “local anesthesia.” When your scalp becomes insensitive by using injections, healthy hair follicles are pulled out from the back of your head. “Follicles” are hair space or pores from which new hair grows.

It is time to let your hair shine!

Hair transplant procedure

 Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) – In this technique, the skin is taken from the hairy part of the head, and stitches are applied at that place. 

1)-Measurements – First of all, mark the bald area, then calculate the number of grafts to cover that bald area. 

2)-Separations – According to hair quality, Separate the donor area into two parts *Safe Donar Area * High-Risk Donar Area Take the hairs/grafts only from the safe donor area. 

3)-Density and elasticity: The density and elasticity of donor skin are used to calculate the width and length of the strip. 

4)-Trimming – Then trim the safe donor area. 

5)-Insert the Injections in the donor area – Then inject the local anesthesia into the donor area.Then inject tumescence that helps to protect internal nerves and blood vessels.It also helps to increase hair growth. 

6)-Remove the strip skin – The next step is to remove the stripped skin with surgery and then treat the gap area which is created due to strip removal.firstly drag the upper and lower side and rejoin them with the help of stitches. 

7)-Preparation of grafts – Now prepare the grafts with stereo-Microscopic dissection. This includes two steps- * Slivering- This step is used to cut the 10-20cm strips into 2 mm width pieces. *Individual grafts-And now take individual grafts from sliver pieces and trimmed the extra tissue and fat.

8)Preparation of hair transplan t- After preparation of grafts, the surgeon prepares for hair transplant.

*Firstly, a surgeon inserts the local anesthesia 

*Then make holes with needles for planting/inserting grafts 

*After that, scabs have appeared, and it takes approx ten days for scab removal. 

*After two weeks, stitches are removed by the surgeon. Some transplant grafts fall between 6 to 8 weeks. 

This is known as shading. After the 3rd-month, regrowth is starting, and full results appear in 8 to 10 months. ConclusionFirstly the follicles are put in the bald sections of the scalp. No change is required in the hairs that are being taken with FUT technology. 

Due to this technique, a mark remains on the head forever, but it is covered with hair and is not visible. It takes 9-12 months to see the results.

is a hair transplant painful?

If you have heard of this statement that hair transplant is a painless procedure, that’s not true.

After the transplant, swelling develops around the head and below the eyes, but this is the minor temporary problems that resolve within 3 to 6 days sometimes the donor area may hurt when patient touch that pain is last long for up to 2 to 3 weeks and this pain is easily controlled by the normal painkillers. 

So after a hair transplant, you may experience some pain, but that is minor and temporary. It is done under local anesthesia, so when the scalp is insensitive, the patient doesn’t feel anything.if pain occurs, the pain can be minimized by using the right injection technique using a lot of icing. 

side-effects are minor pain and minor swelling in the first be avoidable.101% of the time do not happen if proper care is taken and the surgical team is very experienced, so side effects of transplants are rare.

How much does a hair transplant cost?

The grafting cost is 40 to 60 rupees per hair in the advanced technique, i.e., Falcon Method (FUT).The average cost of 4000 grafts is approx 120000-180000.

Side effects of Hair Transplant 

  • infections 
  • crust scabs around the treatment area 
  • scalp pain 
  • itching 
  • swelling, 
  • losing sensation around the treatment part

Is hair transplant permanent

The answer of this question is no because if your natural hairs are not permanent, then how you think that your artificial hairs are permanent.A hair transplant helps you increase your hair growth, but it’s not permanent.

Hair transplant for last long for two years for a common person but in some case, it is last long for 6 – 8 months. And after that, they need another transplant. 

So, in conclusion, a hair transplant is not permanent, but if science has the power to regrowth your hair in the bald area, then I think in the future science gives permanent hair transplant, but now it’s not possible.

ANS-The rate of successful cases is 101%, but one thing that is important for this is that the surgical team is very experienced, so the side effects of transplants are very low.

ANS-For common people, it lasts long for two years, but in some cases, it lasts long for 4-6 months

ANS-No, this is a myth. It’s not permanent. Q4-Can anyone get a hair transplant? ANS-Yes, everyone can get a hair transplant to exclude the persons who have no donor area or who have allergies to the injections that doctors use.

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