Best Skin Treatment in Lucknow

Lemed Wellnes in Lucknow is the best clinic for Skin Treatment.


Dr. Purnima Rudraksh is an internationally certified cosmetologist from Biotouch, Dubai.

Anti Aging

Best Anti Aging Clinic in Lucknow As people undergo anti-aging, the facial features undergo three distinct processes: “Sinking,” “Sagging,” and “Wrinkling.” These changes occur not only due to changes in the skin but also to changes in soft tissue, musculature, and even bone structure beneath. The Process Of Facial Aging: Sinking, Sagging And Wrinkling Sinking …

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PRP Treatment

Best PRP Treatment Clinic in Lucknow Platelet-rich plasma, commonly called “PRP’, is a non-operative, permanent solution for conditions such as arthritis and ligament/tendon sprains and tears.PRP therapy utilizes the body’s natural healing process; PRP therapy is a concentration of platelets injected into the damaged ligaments, tendons, and joints to promote tissue repair and accelerate healing. …

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best Pigmentation Treatment in Lucknow

What is Pigmentation It occurs when the cell’s melanin (skin pigment) gets affected due to a skin condition, a trauma in the skin tissue, or natural causes like aging. The pigmentation could be blemishes, scars or stains, which keep you from flaunting even-toned and pristine skin. Cause of Pigmentation Pigmentation can be caused by a …

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