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Best Thread Lift Clinic in Lucknow

Thread lift procedure is a minimally invasive alternative to facelift surgery.

Thread lifts claim to tighten your skin by inserting medical-grade thread material into your face and then “pulling” your skin up by tightening the thread.

The typical candidate for a thread lift is in their late 30s to early 50s.
A person who is generally in good health and is just starting to notice the signs of aging may benefit the most from the subtle impact of a thread lift.

More About Thread Lift Treatment in Lucknow:

Those who can’t have a surgical facelift because of medical conditions that make general anaesthesia risky may consider a thread lift a safer alternative.

Best Thread Lift Clinic in Lucknow

Best Thread Lift Treatment in Lucknow:

Best Thread Lift Clinic in Lucknow

What is Face Thread lift ?

Thread-lift is a process that gently pulls the sagging skin around the cheeks, throats, eyebrows, and face, and the main benefit of this treatment is that there are no Mark’s/blotches on the skin. This treatment is also known as a non-surgical facelift.

This surgery is made for that patient who doesn’t want a facelift with needle surgery.
This treatment helps in tightening the saggy or loose face skin with the help of threads.
Firstly before the procedure, we need to know about three main points.
There are three things or points that play a vital role in the thread lift process.

These three points which help in doing successful treatment of threadlift.

Best Thread Lift Clinic in Lucknow

• Fixing Point
• Directions
• Hanging point

1)Fixing Point – This is the primary point that helps in starting the treatment. A fixing fact means the topic or the area which receives the force of pulling. when the particular area/topic of the face is being pulled

For example – In mountain jumping or bungee jumping. Jumping is done after connecting the body with rope, and the jumping stand and where the string is tied is known as the Fixing point. I think this example would help to understand this point.


2)Directions – the direction in thread lift treatment means the vector from the hanging point to the fixing end. The simple answer is that thread inserting without supervision doesn’t make the desired shape. If the patient achieves the desired face shape, then direction is the most important thing.

3)Hanging point – The hanging point refers to the topic that helps lift the saggy skin. A hanging point exists between the fixing end and the sagged face skin/cheeks to be pulled.

5 steps for procedure of Thread facelift

1-Selection of Design and Patient – This is the first step that consists of three parts

    1. Predict the outcome – In this doctor or an expert, Use 1. or both hands, that he can predict the outcome of the procedure by dragging the skin in the direction you want to lift it.

   2. Marking the points – Mark that point with the help of a marker that considers as

    • Fixing Point

    • Directions

    • Hanging point

   3. Finding Dangerous Areas – It also identifies that areas are restricted to lift. Once these areas are identified, experts mark them with the help of a marker.

2-Giving local Anaesthesia – In the second step, the doctor injects the patient to make a face insensitive. Beginners can easily do this step.

3-Starting point – After the above steps, the doctor starts the procedure known as the starter point. It consists of three phases.

• Location-It starts nears the ears and above the cheeks.
• Number
• Selection 

In this step, two tools are used
1)disposable needle
2)Awl- it’s a small
a pointed tool like a screwdriver.

4-Use of needle or cannula for long thread insertion – It takes 30-45 minutes, which means less time, but this step is compassionate. Firstly, the surgeon uses a thin needle or cannula for inserting the threads underneath the patient’s skin. The lines have spikes that help pull the skin and provide you with desirable skin for your face.

5-Cutting and finishing – While holding the thread, drag the skin upward by approx 4–5 mm at the exit point and cut the line using scissors. And after that whole process is finished. You can discharge after 30 min and then enjoy your clear and tighten skin.


A facelift is a non-surgical treatment in which it helps in changes the face using its tissue. It helps to remove anti-aging effects along with making the skin healthy without surgery. It helps to increase in those areas of the face where the skin has lost its volume. This treatment is safe and effective. This best non-surgical facelift is in Lucknow. FDA approves this treatment. There are five types of a nonsurgical facelift in Lucknow

1-Mini facelift

2-Mid facelift

3-cheek facelift


5-Brow lift



The cost varies from individual to individual, but in Lucknow, it cost about 50k to 70k.


1. LESS TIME CONSUMING – This treatment takes very little time. It takes only 40 minutes for the surgery.

2. NON MARKS/BLOTCH – The best part of this treatment is that this treatment does not give you any scars/marks on your face. I think this surgery is good rather than MARKS surgery.

3. TIGHTENS THE SKIN – This helps the skin. In this process, threads pull the skin on the upward side, which helps provide the perfect shape to the face.

4. FDA APPROVED – FDA approves this treatment.FDA is the worldwide cosmetic organization that approved dermatology treatments.

5. ENHANCE SKIN QUALITY – Tighten skin help in enhances skin quality. The main aim of this treatment is to provide you desired shape.


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