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About Lemed Wellness Dental Clinic

We have taken a pledge to always strive towards excellence and keep ourselves updated with the latest global developments and advances in the field of dentistry. At Lemed Wellness we believe in being the right dentist for all your dental solutions whether you just want a toothache taken care of or would like a complete smile make over. We will carefully listen to your concerns and wants regarding your dental health and aesthetics. After listening to your dental concerns and completing your thorough examination, we will present to you a personalized treatment plan that will address your needs and concerns. We assure you to provide a dental treatment as comfortably and safely as possible. I cordially invite you to come and join us and be a part of the Lemed Wellness Family.

Our Best Dental Solutions

Teeth Whitening

Whether it is just cleaning or polishing, get a brighter smile while you walk out.

Dental Implants

We help you get a new set of teeth or a single tooth that matches your smile.


We use and recommend Invisalign braces for better results of teeth alignment.

Single Sitting RCT

Single sitting R.C.T, saving time and reducing the cost of treatment.

Smile Design

The process the dentist goes through to plan and visualize a patient’s desired smile

Complete Dentures

Full mouth rehabilitation merely means combining restorative dental treatments to fix or rebuild your smile

Jaw Fracture Surgery

Surgery needed to return the jawbone to its normal position

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full mouth rehabilitation merely means combining restorative dental treatments to fix or rebuild your smile

Treatment of Stained Teeth

Treatment of stained teeth involves oral prophylaxis, bleaching or veneers depending on the condition of the patient


Fillings are also used to repair cracked or broken teeth and teeth. 

Treatment of Gingivitis

Treatment consists of improving oral hygiene by oral prophylaxis and flap surgeries in advanced cases. 

Treatment of Submucous Fibrosis

Treatment involves a comprehensive approach towards lifestyle and behavioural changes alongwith medical intervention where required. 


Periodic DENTAL HEALTH ANALYSIS is very important to make sure that you are far away from serious dental ailments. To safe guard your dental health which is a gate for general health a periodic visit at least once in 6 MONTHS is mandatory with which we can prevent many dental diseases which can range from tooth loss to cardiac diseases if left untreated.


Your safety is a major priority for us and we strictly assure to our high standards of sterilization and hygiene. Professionally and meticulously we follow current guidelines and are rigorous in regularly maintaining our sophisticated equipment. We use the most advanced methods of sterilization and disinfection available for your safety and protection of your teeth.
Extensive use of disposable supplies, used once and discarded. Glouse masks and needles are all disposable.
Routine maintainance of all instruments and equipment as recommended by manufacturers.
Sterilization by autoclave,Plastic instruments immersion in hospital grade sterilization fluid for is hours.


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World-Class Infrastructure

State of the Art Technology

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